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Thoroughly enjoyed the looking through the forum the past few days, very informative and helpful. Since I'm new here and to collecting weights, will have some questions. I've read 1st edition 'earth to heaven (gear). He gives a photo on pp. 254 of a few photos including hintha h3b and states it's a 1930's copy. Maybe, gear clarifies further with 2nd book. Wanted to double check here on forum as 'mollat's supurb chart illustrates the h3b in gears photo is from the 1800's. My question is, are the weights in my collection (attached photos) genuine h3b's from 1800's or 1930's copies. Also, I'll try to post other weights including hinthas and beasts. I apologize, the photos are not the highest quality. I'll try to post better photos in future pics. Please give your insight. tn-5.jpeg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

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Original Hintha weights from Konbaung Dynasty, mid-19th century.
For more information please see: https://issuu.com/opiumweights/docs/the_..._the_last_kings

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