#1 Cambodian Weights? by matt 14.06.2009 04:18

I was speaking with Mr Kim in Bangkok, and he said that there were weights in Cambodia. Does anyone have any of these, or know where to look? I am on my way now, but will drop an email / photos if I find anything interesting.
#2 Re: Cambodian Weights? by white elefant 01.07.2009 21:27

Hi Matt,

I've found these few information about the Cambodian weights and mass units in "Earth to Heaven" (Donald and Joan Gear, 1992/2000, Silkworm Books)
The Cambodian did adopt the Chinese mass unit, at least in their commercial weights (Chinese liang ranged after 1271 between 35 and 40 grams).
China supplied Cambodia around 1400 AD with copies of their mass scales and units.
"In Cambodia there were always two kinds of balances in use. One was for daily commodities and the other for precious metals (Groslier, p.27)"
"Cambodia had but small supplies of lead and silver...and purchased large quantities from Yunnan..." (ca. 1400 AD)
"In Cambodia some of the known shapes of the weights of 800-1400 AD were octagons and eight-pointed stars (Groslier, p. 27)"
"...suggesting that the large bird on the Group 6 weight may be of Mon or Mon / Khmer origin."

I've never seen any Cambodian weights and looking forward your photos.
That's it.

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